Sale! Yonex BT9 SUNR9529TG Badminton Kitbag
Yonex BT9 SUNR9529TG Badminton Kitbag
  • Treat your equipment right on your way to the court. Pack it into this new Japan racquet bag from Yonex. This equipment bag can be easily used in three different ways as a backpack with padded straps, with a shoulder strap or with handles. A separate pocket for your shoes keeps them away from your prized racquets. Fit up to nine racquets in this bag, which also features an accessories pocket and a zipper lock.
  • Pro series
  • Backpack carry
  • Foam lined racquet compartment
  • Yonex bags are designed to be comfortable and secure with easy storage options, so you will never be without it
  • Carry your bag with pride, packed inside are your memories of those hard training sessions and the matches you have fought hard to win
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